Get A Florida Probate Lawyer To Help

Edwin Ferguson has an extensive Florida probate practice. Probate is the process by which the assets of a deceased person are distributed to the heirs of the estate, after the payment of creditors. The Ferguson Firm manages all probate administration matters, from small estates with a single bank account, to intricate estates with business interests and assets in various jurisdictions.

Our firm also manages probate administrations where the probate estate itself is the plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit, such as a wrongful death case. The combination of estate planning, probate administration and probate litigation under one roof allows us to deliver a superior result for our clients.

We are able to handle some estates on a flat attorney fee basis. We also handle contested matters on a contingency basis if the case is the right type of case.

If you have a contested or uncontested matter, please contact the The Ferguson Firm at (561) 840-1846 for a free consultation.

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