6 Steps After A Car Accident

Ensure Safety For starters, try to move your vehicle out of the flow of traffic, then check to make sure you and your passengers are ok. Call 911 It is important to contact your local authorities, be sure to speak slowly and clearly. Also, let them know if you or anyone in your car requires immediate medical assistance. Call YourContinue reading “6 Steps After A Car Accident”

What Everyone Needs to Know About Premises Liability (“Slip/Trip and Fall”) Accidents

  Premises Liability Accidents Premises liability accidents are generally referred to as “slip/trip and fall” accidents. These accidents occur when a person slips and/or trips and is injured due to a dangerous condition that was on the ground he/she walked on. Depending on the circumstances surrounding your injury, the owner of the property could be held legally responsible for theContinue reading “What Everyone Needs to Know About Premises Liability (“Slip/Trip and Fall”) Accidents”

Steps To Take When A Loved One Passes

The death of a loved one is a rough time that can make the particulars of settling the estate overbearing. This article will help organize the steps you need to take. Keep in mind that every estate is different and there may be additional steps to handling the estate. We hope that the information below helps you better some ofContinue reading “Steps To Take When A Loved One Passes”