6 Steps After A Car Accident

Ensure Safety

For starters, try to move your vehicle out of the flow of traffic, then check to make sure you and your passengers are ok.

Call 911

It is important to contact your local authorities, be sure to speak slowly and clearly. Also, let them know if you or anyone in your car requires immediate medical assistance.

Call Your Attorney

The sooner you call your attorney the better. Your attorney can assist you in making sure that certain time-sensitive information is gathered as soon as possible.

Wait For Law Enforcement

Obtain the driver exchange of information form from the police. Be sure to let the officer know what actions the at-fault party committed that caused the accident.

Seek Medical Care

Go to an emergency room, walk-in clinic, or see your primary physician as soon as possible. (hopefully on the day of the crash).

Contact The Insurance Carriers

Ask your attorney to open any necessary claims with your and the at-fault party’s insurance carriers.

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